Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is my vehicle Compatible with Galaxy1000?
    Please Click Here for compatibility of your vehicle.

  2. What is the Galaxy 1000 hands free calling?
    By using the General Motors OnStar hands-free calling, an internal, voice activated calling system built into your vehicles hardware. It allows users to make and receive hands-free calls at the touch of a single button.

  3. Does the galaxy 1000 do anything else besides allowing me to make and receive phone calls?
    It does! Depending upon the type of cell phone use variable functions such as calendar notifications, reminders, even low battery warnings will be verbalized through your vehicle's sound system.

  4. Can I install the galaxy 1000 myself?
    Yes! The galaxy 1000 can be installed under three minutes. When ordering note location of your OnStar device from our order page. You will then simply unplug the 2 white plugs from the OnStar device, plug them into the galaxy 1000, secure the galaxy 1000, and then simply pair the galaxy 1000 with your Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Please see our installation guide for more complete details.

  5. How do I use the galaxy 1000?
    Once paired, you'll use the OnStar buttons on your mirror, it's that simple.

  6. Are there any additional costs?
    No. Once you have purchased the galaxy 1000 your only costs would be those associated with your cell phone plan.

  7. Does voice recognition dialing work with all cell phones?
    No. Your cell phone must have voice-recognition built-in in order for it to work.

  8. Can I still use my OnStar with the galaxy 1000?
    No. Once the galaxy 1000 is installed the functionality of the OnStar functions other than the phone system are disabled.

  9. Is there any technical support available?
    Of course. In addition to our forum and e-mail you may call us Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern time and we will be glad to assist.

  10. Do you offer a money back guarantee?
    Absolutely! We refuse to have any unsatisfied customers, should you wish to return your galaxy 1000 simply contact us within 14 days of receipt and we will issue a return authorization number, no restocking fees, no hassles!