About Us

About four years ago while attending an automotive specialty show I met a gentleman who provided Bluetooth solutions for different vehicles. During our conversation I mentioned how frustrated I was that I could not use my General Motors OnStar telephone system with my own cell phone. In fact I was no longer a subscriber to the OnStar system. I made mention of any hope that someday I could unplug my OnStar interface and replace it with my own cell phone. About three months ago I received an e-mail from this gentleman asking me if I still wanted that unit, he had built the galaxy 1000! Not only was I offered a unit I was also offered the chance to market it. That is how we get to where we are today.

My name is Fred Small and since breaking into the auto industry in 1981 I have seen many changes occur. After holding virtually every position in an Auto dealership up to General Manager I left the retail end of the business to form what is known as Frederick M. Small Insurance Services, a provider of Insurance, Compliance, and Finance Department products for the Auto, RV, and Powersport Industries. In addition to products I provide consulting and training.

European Integrated Systems, LTD (EIS) is a duly registered Georgia for-profit corporation with its main office in Lizella, Georgia.

Formed in January of 2004; we are dedicated to providing handsfree cellular phone solutions for today's premium automobiles. We have a small staff of Engineers and a sales/support network that should be able to attend to your requests and needs in a superior manner. We are a small company in an ongoing growth mode and we do appreciate your patience with us during this phase of our development. Our core values of safety, convenience, and customer satisfaction should be evident in our products and services. We are happy to take any and all feedback.